Monday, July 11, 2016

Nashville in 360 Virtual Reality is Here!

NOTE: This is a draft in progress, Hold on, wait for it...wait for it...

Good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you are. My city is booming. Word has it that an average of 85 human beings per day are moving into it.

That's crazytalk.

To share the city of my birth and my home, here's what I want to do here, dear reader/viewer. I intend to create and share 360 degree panoramas for viewing online or in  your Google Cardboard or other virtual reality viewers/goggles. As this project develops expect to see images that capture, in 3 dimensions for your viewing pleasure, Nashville, Tennessee. And no, I don't own Google Jump, and I'm not likely to anytime soon. But you can learn about that16 camera array here. If anyone wants to buy me one, just google me and I'll provide you delivery details. :)

Random aside: Did you know that Google's original name was "Backrub?" I just learned that yesterday on NPR's Ask Me Another. The name was to describe the original algorithm, which rated sites based on how many other sites linked to it. I believe it's gotten a bit more complicated than that...
Feel free to download and view using the Occipital 360 app, use your goggles with a browser at my Occipital site, or utilize the 3D viewer app of your choice. I do like Mobile VR Viewer. In future posts, I'll be sharing apps, gear, and ideas as I learn them. Things will likely change. This is going to be fun.

The backstory for my first image: On Wednesday afternoon, June 15, 2016, the West Park Water project a quarter mile from my home was well underway.  The space planned to contain the huge 37 foot tall wet weather storage tank had been completely "skeletoned out" with scaffolding and there was lumber for its construction all over it. Then came the winds. Watch this news video for an explanation.

On a morning dog walk just yesterday, I pulled out my iPhone 6s and took my first fully 360 degree panorama image with the 360 app. While it's, yes, a little sketchy (witness half my dog, Watson), I promise these will only get better as I experiment with technique and tools. Still, viewing this image in my SHINECON VR headset is pretty groovy and I hope you enjoy what I share. Bear with me and I will begin sharing at least one new image a week right here. Want to view in a 3D app or browser?
Do so at

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